Digital Cultural Heritage & Tourism


Recommendations for cultural institutions, version 1.0, 2 October 2014

The Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism, in cooperation with the AthenaPlus Consortium, on the occasion of the International Conference “The reuse of digital cultural content in education, tourism and leisure: an opportunity for cultural institutions and creative industries, an investment for the future”, held in Rome, on the 2nd of October 2014, presented a set of recommendations addressed to cultural institutions aiming to promote their heritage and tourism offer through the use of technology and digital means, thus giving tourism a boost.

The text is available for download in English (ENG) and Italian (IT).

The objectives of the present recommendations are:

  • to support the digitization of cultural heritage as a strategic aspect of tourism promotion;
  • to encourage the intelligent use of open-source data in order to support a creative approach to providing innovative tourism services that build upon the cultural heritage of individual institutions and the local area as a whole;
  • to stimulate collaboration among all the stakeholders in the tourism chain to activate synergies that will be beneficial to all: cultural institutions, private bodies, creative industries, and tourists;
  • to facilitate tourism initiatives and services that address the real needs of users, exploiting the opportunities provided by the web and digital technologies to improve the tourist experience before, during, and after the visit.

“Culture is one of the pillars of tourism marketing strategies and can be an engine to attract tourists even in lesser known places.”

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