International Workshop | Linked Open Data & the Jewish Cultural Heritage




Today, thanks to the new Semantic Web related technologies, people and
institutions working on a specific subject can cooperate in a decentralized
and synergic way, interconnecting their resources which would otherwise
remain “isolated” on the web.
Institutions such as archives, libraries and museums have quickly perceived
the strength and potentialities inherent to, and stemming from, these technologies.
The number of projects aimed at the opening and the sharing of information
in the cultural field are the clearest demonstration of the enrichment of
knowledge’s opportunities coming from the Semantic web.

The workshop “Linked Open Data & the Jewish Cultural Heritage” aims at
discussing, starting from some key-concepts of the Semantic Web, how
the opportunities offered by the new technologies can enrich our
knowledge on the Jewish history and expand the resources available on
the web on this matter. Some recent case-studies of successful applications
will be presented, such as the Judaica Europeana project and the one, and the recent “Names of the Victims of the Shoah in Italy”
– which inspired the workshop itself.
The organizers wish that this event will be also the occasion to discuss
together about questions and critical issues coming from a linked data
approach to the publication of resources; to explore new fields and areas
of cooperation, in order to create innovative bases of exchange and
interaction, and new synergistic models for the enhancement and the
use of the Jewish Cultural Heritage.

Fondazione CDEC
Istituto di Informaticae Telematica – CNR

With the support of
Camera dei Deputati
W3C Italia
Fondazione Museo della Shoah di Roma

Camera dei Deputati
W3C Italia
Unione delle Comunità Ebraiche Italiane

Please click here to download the conference programme.

International Workshop
Linked Open Data & the Jewish Cultural Heritage
January 20th, 2015 9:00 a.m.
Camera dei Deputati – Auletta dei Gruppi
Via di Campo Marzio 74

Registration required here:

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