TMP² Newsletter

No1 | February 2015 |

The first newsletter of the Thesaurus Management Platform (TMP) is out now. It introduces readers to the services of the TMP and gives an insight into its approaches.

cache-cache_194d8721736f745d388d69d112de08bc_748b2d4bf1cb552c635519df73cc86f1.jpgThe TMP was developed in the framework of two European projects dedicated to cultural heritage. The first version (TMP) was developed in the Linked Heritage project which ended in September 2013:
The second version (TMP2) is currently developed in the AthenaPlus project which started in March 2013 and ends in August 2015. The consortium is composed of 40 partners from 21 countries:
The objectives consist of aggregation of more than 3.6 million metadata for Europeana and the management of multilingual thesauri.

TMP2 or Thesaurus Management Platform, is a web portal for thesaurus management. The TMP offers:

  • creation and editing of thesauri, favouring a conceptual approach;
  • specification all types of hierarchical relations (generic, instantial, partitive);
  • extensive concept information (notes, images etc.);
  • management of multilingualism;
  • integration of ISO standards 25964-1 and ISO 25964-2 on Thesauri;
  • import and export in SKOS, JSON and RDF;
  • thesaurus mapping.

The TMP² is freely accessible (read only) to anyone. User accounts are created for project members and associated organisations.

Thesaurus, Terminology, Ontology: three approaches based on the notion of term and concept, not to be confused. Ontologies, in the sense of knowledge engineering, constitute one of the most promising ways for representing thesauri and multilingual terminologies [1]. This is why the development of the TMP2 [2] relies on the principle of ontoterminology (a terminology whose notional system is a formal ontology) and the OTe engine (OntoTerminology engine), developed by the Condillac Research Group of the University of Savoie.

[1] “Multilingual terminology: the ontological approach”, C. Roche, L. Damas, J. Roche. CIDOC (International Committee for Documentation), Dresden, Germany, 6-11 September 2014
[2] “The Terminology Management Platform: A Tool for Creating Linked Open Data”, E. Coudyzer. CIDOC (International Committee for Documentation), Dresden, Germany, 6-11 September 2014

The International ISO-standards on Terminology and Thesauri:

ISO 704. (2009). Terminology work – Principles and methods.
ISO 1087-1. (2000). Terminology work – Vocabulary – Part 1: Theory and application.
ISO 25964-1. (2011). Information and documentation – Thesauri and interoperability with other vocabularies – Part 1: Thesauri for information retrieval.
ISO 25964-2. (2013). Information and documentation – Thesauri and interoperability with other vocabularies – Part 2: Interoperability with other vocabularies.

You can download the newsletter in French and English here: (Newsletter 1 – Fevrier 2015)


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