MOVIO pilot exhibitions | Part II

During the AthenaPlus plenary meeting in Riga in February 2015 a set of new MOVIO pilot exhibitions was presented to the audience. These sample exhibitions primarily aim at testing the specific modules the MOVIO tool offers. As a side effect however, interesting narratives unfold, highlighting amongst other things cultural heritage treasures from the institutions involved in the testing phase. Readers of the AthenaPlus blog are invited to catch a first glimpse of these sample exhibitions!

Gaspar van Wittel’s drawings for Vedute

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The Central National Library of Rome holds a collection of 53 drawings of the Dutch artist, preliminary for his well-known Vedute, that started the Vedutismo in European art. In 2013 the Library realized an exhibition of all the drawings; a section of it, the views of Rome, has been selected for a virtual exhibition in the MOVIO framework.

Created by: BNCR – Central National Library of Rome

Modules: CMS, storytelling, timeline, ontology builder

(TOUR)ismo in Sabina: Cottanello, Fara in Sabina, Toffia

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This digital exhibition features cultural and natural highlights of the region Sabina in Italy.

Created by: ICCU (Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo Unico)

Modules: CMS MOVIO 2.0 | Ontology builder, Storyteller, Google Maps, Hotspot, Thesauri, Tourist operators

The Cold War through Christian Democrat posters in Italy (1947 – 1991)

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A visual journey in to the contemporary history. The Institute realized a specific virtual exhibition about the documentation held in its archives and referring to the Cold War period, following these thematics: politic posters, archives of party and personalities, photographic and video archives.

Created by: ILS – Istituto Luigi Sturzo (Luigi Sturzo Institute)

Modules: CMS, slides, storytelling, timeline

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