AthenaPlus national conference: “Digitisation and Dissemination of Lithuanian Cultural Heritage”

On the 23rd of April 2015, the AthenaPlus national conference “Digitisation and Dissemination of Lithuanian Cultural Heritage: Innovative Initiatives, Experience, and Possibilities of Society and Memory Institutions” was held by the Siauliai “Ausros” museum (Siauliai, Lithuania).

Almost 100 specialists from Lithuanian museums, libraries, archives and science institutions, the representatives of tourism, creative industries, media sectors as well as other persons interested in the possibilities of digitisation and dissemination of digitised cultural heritage took part in the conference organized at the Photography Museum.

At the conference considerable attention was paid to the international project “AthenaPlus” – access to cultural heritage networks for “Europeana”. Project’s coordinator Jovita Vilimaitienė introduced the conference participants to the aims and objectives of the project, presented its results and achievements, and  reported on the experiences the Siauliai “Ausros” museum gathered participating in the project. During the presentation, the creative tools – “MOVIO”, “CityQuest”, “School trip” – developed in the frame of the “AthenaPlus” project – were presented in detail. The digital exhibition “The modernist architecture of Siauliai in 1930’s” was showcased as well in order to introduce the functionalities of the MOVIO tool. In general, conference participants were enthusiastic about the innovative tools for the dissemination of digitised cultural heritage content as well as the possibilities of communication provided by these services.

At the conference further national and international digitisation and dissemination projects were discussed. Moreover, innovative initiatives contrived by science and memory institutions as well as private initiatives for the reuse of digitised cultural heritage content were introduced. To top off the event brand new technological innovations from the sector of cultural heritage communication were presented and demonstrated.

Further information about the event can by found on the website of the Siauliai “Ausros” museum (in Lithuanian only). The national conference was also mentioned in a TV broadcast (see from 11:48).

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