New version of 2_0 AthenaPlus GISPilot | eCultureMap


The AthenaPlus GISPilot | eCultureMap has some new functionalities which will be introduced in the frame of this blog post.

  • The eCultureMap is now connected with Google street view to enable users to explore cultural heritage content from around the world through 3D, panoramic, and street-level imagery with links to Europeana descriptions and national portals. Click HERE for an example.
  • Powerful refine search among items on a certain location. By clicking on the eCultureMap users can evoke refining attribute data in a certain location. Users can also filter data and limit results by time span.
  • Use case of AthenaPlus GISPilot eCultureMap: Van Wittel vedutes.(prepared in cooperation with the Italian partner BNCR on the basis of the virtual exhibition Gaspar van Wittel’s drawings for Vedute). The objective of this use case is to demonstrate the power of eCultureMap when reusing it in virtual exhibitions. We have geocoded vedutes on those locations that had served the painter Van Wittel as a motive back in the 17th century. The user can browse the vedutes mapped to places in central Rome through a map interface, retrieve an image of a veduta and open the Google maps street view of a certain place in today´s Rome, exactly in the same location from which the painting was drawn. eCultureMap of Gaspar van Wittel´s drawings for Vedutes, Rome.
  • Use case of AthenaPlus GISPilot eCultureMap: Geocoding historical photographs. (prepared in cooperation with the project partner from Girona, Ajuntament de Girona, in progress). The objective of this use case is to demonstrate the use of AthenaPlus GISPilot eCultureMap when geoparsing place names and finding the »exact coordinates« of historical photos. Geocoding procedures in the AthenaPlus GIS pilot are updated to facilitate the process and enabling the exact determination of the geocodes with the image of the object in geocoding process displayed on a map.
  • Use case of AthenaPlus GISPilot eCultureMap: Architectural heritage. (prepared in cooperation with AthenaPlus project partner ICIMSS, Torun) Over 25.000 photographs were included into eCultureMap. The exact location of the position of the camera when taking a picture of an architectural heritage site was geocoded and made visible on a map as camera icon.
  • eCultureMapAR: Development of the augmented reality mobile. application eCultureMapAR uses the content from eCultureMap. Users can browse more than 2 million cultural content objects on mobile devices. Application is free and can be downloaded HERE (only for androids).
  • AthenaPlus GISPilot APIs. Two additional APIs are available for web developers of cultural heritage related portals. API enables the reuse of eCultureMap data and can be embedded into any web page and/or mobile application.

Enjoy browsing the new eCultureMap!

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