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Judaica_3The latest Judaica Europeana newsletter features highlights of digital collections, including the Centre of Judeo-Moroccan Culture in Brussels, the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, the JDC Archives, the YIVO Institute and the Leo Baeck Institute in New York. Moreover, readers are provided with reports about developments at Europeana and Judaica Europeana. Open-source tools for the creation of virtual exhibitions (MOVIO), interactive maps (eCultureMap) and thesauri (TMP) – all developed within the frame of the AthenaPlus project – are also presented. These are all exceptional resources for historians, curators, genealogists and anyone interested in European Jewish culture.

Content | Newsletter Number 7, 2015

    • Bringing Jewish heritage collections together
    • Moroccan Jewry heritage collection
    • Early books and community records from the Jewish Historical Institute
    • First World War era records from the JDC Archives
    • Jewish urban life in the YIVO Institute’s collections
    • Books, periodicals and a wealth of records from the Leo Baeck Institute
    • Digital innovation―interactive maps, exhibitions and thesauri from AthenaPlus

Judaica_4Judaica Europeana is a network of heritage institutions in Europe, Israel and the US which have been working together very successfully to provide integrated access to their digital collections. Inspired by the vision of Europeana―the digital platform for Europe’s libraries, museums and archives, we rely on Europeana’s infrastructure for this ongoing undertaking. For Judaica Europeana AthenaPlus presents a platform for extending access to Jewish collections. The Judaica Europeana partners, who are uploading their catalogues to Europeana through AthenaPlus, include the Ben Uri Museum in London, the Jewish Museum in Prague, the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary, Medem Library in Paris, the Steinheim Institute, Essen, Bibliotecca Rosenthaliana in Amsterdam and others. The network’s metadata will contribute toward reaching the AthenaPlus target of 3.6 million records in Europeana.

Please click on the following link to get directly to the Judaica Europeana newsletter: http://www.judaica-europeana.eu/Newsletter.html

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