Recent Europeana Publications | Content Reuse & Metadata Quality


We would like to draw our readers’ attention to three recent Europeana publications dealing with metadata quality and content reuse, two aspects that are also highly relevant for the work of the AthenaPlus project.

  • Europeana Creative | D3.3–Documentation of the Extension of the Europeana Licensing Framework
    This document contains a description of the Europeana Content Re-use Framework that has been developed as part of the Europeana Creative project. The Content Re-use Framework outlines four scenarios for making cultural heritage objects available via Europeana and is intended to provide guidance for cultural heritage institutions contributing to Europeana.
    Please click HERE to download the document.
  • Europeana | Partner and Data Development Plan
    This document deals with Europeana’s data (content+metadata) and partners (aggregators and data providers). It evaluates the accomplishment of earlier goals, provides an overview of the current situation, and defines aims for the coming years. You can download the entire report HERE.
  • Europeana | Metadata Quality Task Force Report
    This report looks at the factors that affect overall metadata quality, and makes recommendations for its improvement. Metadata quality is controlled by a set of processes which ensures that cultural heritage objects can be identified, discovered and seen in context by audiences, in a manner appropriate to the context in which the data provider created them. Metadata must include information on the potential re-use of cultural heritage objects. The document analyses how data partners’ motivation, the technical requirements and the content of the metadata affect overall metadata quality. The report on metadata quality is available HERE.
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