AthenaPlus creative tools

All AthenaPlus creative tools and services that were developed by the AthenaPlus team in the past 32 months are now available for download. Simply visit the AthenaPlus website, the AthenaPlus wiki or your app store to find tools that enable you to build your own online exhibition, create interactive quests and send visitors around the city to discover items from your collection, manage school trips, browse content on maps and plan a cultural route, or create and manage apps as touristic and cultural guides.

All AthenaPlus creative tools and services are open source. MOVIO, CityQuest, eCultureMap and Co will ensure that digital cultural content can be used and reused in many creative ways by students, teachers, museum visitors, curators, tourists, creative industries, and you!


MOVIO is a tool for the creation of digital exhibitions. It helps curators to build stories using their digital collections in a new way, creating thematic paths by using different types of media or content. MOVIO allows very simple to quite in-depth navigation so that the richness of an exhibition can be fully covered online.


CityQuest allows cultural organisations to easily create a quest online, and publish it to a mobile app. Send your visitors around the city to discover items from your collection and the locations they are connected to. Based on hints and media you track down an item, scan the QR code on its location and learn the (hi)story behind it.


Schooltrip is a tool that allows students to create their own school journey. Through an online interface the teacher can set a couple of parameters defining the skeleton of the trip. Students fill the template with information on practicalities, cultural heritage sites to visit, historical information, and so on. They learn to plan a travel from a to z, while incorporating our cultural heritage. At the end, a journal-like document is generated which can be used as itinerary guidebook.


The eCultureMap has been developed to demonstrate the use and re-use of Europeana, AthenaPlus and other digital cultural heritage content, when browsing the content geographically. Currently the map has three main uses: a user may find out what cultural content is present on a certain location, plan a cultural route or upload own content.
A GIS Pilot action resulting in use cases and an application has also been realised.

Urban Explore

Urban Explore is a tool to create and manage mobile apps as touristic and cultural digital guide in the context of collective or solo visits. As a complement to a speaker story (heritage expert, historian, city planner, art professional), the mobile app offers an access to the audio-visual history / memory of a place, in an original and emotional way.

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